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No 1: Music player Apk

Music player app is a versatile player that lets you listen to all song formats and helps you edit and customize music details by cutting tool. The Music player software supports all audio file formats. You will replay well following the music formats: MP3, AAC, MP4, WAV, M4A, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, etc. Often named this music player with other name: mp3 player. Since the most common song format in android is mp3 format. Music player has been developed to offer user better experience when listening to music. Music player automatically scans all music and groups it by theme, artist, song. Easy to find the song you want. Supports audio equalizer to make music sound better, you can customize it with your own theme. Please listen to the songs every day on “Video player” and enjoy life. It is totally free.

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No 2: Pi Music Player Apk

Pi Music Player is one of the most recognized and loved music players on the Google Play Store. Pi Music Player is sure to become your default audio player, with a variety of features that allow users not only to listen to music but also share and edit music. The all-new update lets you browse and connect to your own playlists via millions of YouTube music videos. Check for your favorite tracks manually or listen to our curated playlists distributed through a range of Genres, Moods and Trending Material. You can move between YouTube tracks and local audio tracks seamlessly, and create hybrid playlists consisting of both YouTube music and local MP3 music. Write a email, edit an picture, post a tweet, search the Internet or use any other application while listening to uninterrupted YouTube music with the Floating YouTube Player, which can be put anywhere on the computer. An exclusive app and software apart from other MP3 music to arrange and enjoy your Audiobooks & Podcasts neatly. Remember the file and position you last played, and continue from where you started. Skip 30 seconds forward and backwards and change Playback speeds.

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No 3: Equalizer Music Player Apk

If you want to listen to music on your smartphone and want to hear any song equalized in the best possible way, Equalizer Music Player is an fascinating app for quick adjustment of different parameters. Equalizer Music Player’s interface is very intuitive: First of all, you only need to choose the song or video you want to watch. You can then fiddle with the various parameters to make the sound as faithful as possible. Another fascinating thing about Equalizer Music Player is that there are various fast controls that you can activate. For example, when you’re shaking your phone, you can set the app to skip to the next song. Plus Equalizer Music Player will use tab, genre, and artist to organize all your music and videos. If you want to listen to music on your computer in a easy and convenient way, for an optimal listening experience, Equalizer Music Player is quite a complete tool to equalize each track or video.

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No 4: MP3 Player Apk

Listen to your favorite Stylish, Energetic, and Fast Music Player music. Muzio Player is the best android music player with lots of features and stunning style. This high quality equalizer built-in mp3 player brings your music listening experience to next level. It helps you to conveniently access all of your offline music at one venue, browse through quick search and support music playing in all formats. It requires a very limited amount of memory and provides total musical experience. For android it is the most popular eq music player. Replaceable image in the background. From the gallery pick your own picture. Gorgeous skins with free context. Complete with lots of colors. Improve your music experience with changes to 10 awesome settings, 5 bands, bass booster, music virtualizer & 3D reverb effects and much more! Cut the best part of the audio songs quickly and save them as Ringtone / Alarm / Notification / Music files etc. This free mp3 player with eq and high volume software helps you to play music without draining battery with the best sound and minimal use. Its exceptional features make it Top 2020 Mp3 Player.

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No 5: Bass Booster Apk

Music Player is a quick and beautiful Mp3 Player with powerful music equalizer, bass booster and great sound virtualizer, Quick scan all of your local music files, Free download music player to get this perfect audio player. Music player can directly scan and view your music library, show you tracks by artists, songs, genre, playlist, and layout of the music folder. Thanks to the easy to use UI and the Bass Booster option, music player will easily enhance your music listening experience.
This Free Music Player allows you to mix, edit, and customize your tracks sound to ensure an optimal listening experience. It’s one of the best free music players that can meet all your musical needs.

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No 6: AIMP Music Player Apk

The AIMP music player now comes in a lighter Android edition that still includes all of the features contained in the PC version. You won’t have any trouble playing audio tracks (including voice recordings from your mobile device), as the app is compatible with several formats: Ape, MPGA, Mp3, Wav, Ogg, UMX, Mod, Mo3, Se, S3 M, Mtm, Xm, Aac, Flac, Mp4, M4a, M4b, Mpc, Wv, and Opus. AIMP also comes with an eight-band equalizer that allows you to listen to your music while adding an infinite variety of custom parameters. On the other hand, the app also has many features which facilitate listening to music. You can order your playlists manually, arrange them by artist, and even create the looping playlists. Install AIMP, an simple way to access your music, which can also be used with the locked phone. This fantastic app gives you both efficiency and convenience.

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No 7: Music Player 3D Surround 7.1 Apk

Experience Exceptional Audio Clarity with Virtual3D Surround Effects, Dynamic BassBoost, TrebleBoost and 10-Band Equalizer… You won’t be able to hear the ambient sound properly whether you’re on the road or driving. That’s why I’ve added a “Awareness” feature that can be switched on / off by pressing the left button on the media player app. If this button is turned on, the device will start the microphone and capture the ambient sound, then add it to the audio. You can hear the ambient sound in that way. This feature is only implemented for the purpose of your protection.

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