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Top 5 amazing Android apps (June) 2021

No 1: Live WaterPaper Apk

You can shake your phone at any time with Live Waterpaper Apk and it will give the impression that there is genuine water inside. Live waterpaper Apk replaces your regular wallpaper and makes it more cooler. You can tilt it, turn it upside down, and it will follow the direction your phone is moving. Live WaterPaper Apk is a fun Live Wallpaper application. Simulated water in the background of your phone with very minimal power consumption. At any point, you can shake the phone. Reduce the amount of stress you’re under. You will enjoy it if you give it a try.

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No 2: fooView Apk

This is a unique and out-of-the-box application that will enthrall everyone. It will allow you to save a significant amount of time and effort by eliminating the need to execute numerous complex activities on your smartphone. You gain quick access to the app switcher; simply by dragging the frame across the screen, you may select any portion of the screen and send a screenshot to friends, or drive into the search for this image. You can also receive a translation or look up a specific word if you pick the text this way.

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No 3: Pure Tuber Apk

Pure Tuber Apk is a really useful app that allows you to download as many YouTube videos as you like on your Android device quickly and conveniently. This is the software for you if you’re seeking for a tool that allows you to enjoy your favorite material whenever and wherever you want. Pure Tuber Apk has a very user-friendly UI. You’ll be reminded of numerous other video outlets when you start the app, so you won’t have any problems exploring. The great part is that you can sign up and log in, making it quite simple to find the videos you desire. To use Pure Tuber Apk and download any of the videos, simply tap on the thumbnail, and the video will play as if it were on YouTube. However, there will be an arrow beneath the video here. Simply tap it to select the file name, sound, and image quality, then begin the download to save it to your device in seconds. Pure Tuber Apk is a terrific way to download and watch your favorite videos without having to be connected to the Internet.

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No 4: MacroDroid Apk

MacroDroid Apk is an Android application that allows you to create thousands of different macros. These macros are essentially triggers that cause your device to perform certain activities when a set of circumstances are satisfied. A macro that demonstrates what is possible with MacroDroid Apk is as follows: when your battery is less than 10% charged, a trigger is activated that immediately sets your smartphone on aeroplane mode. The trigger and action in this example are both fairly simple, but the modification possibilities are almost endless. The macro creation tool, which is both easy and straightforward, is easily accessible from MacroDroid Apk’s main window. So, for example, you can look through the most popular macros written by other users to see if there are any that are really brilliant and useful. All you have to do is activate one if you like it. MacroDroid Apk is a task automation app that allows you to accomplish a variety of tasks automatically and quickly. Unlike other similar apps, macros are fairly simple to set up. Several macros can be activated on your Android device in only a few minutes.

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No 5: ModDroid Site


Moddroid Site is a fantastic website for downloading mods. It has a large number of gaming apps of various genres. Non-gaming apps are also available, making your smartphone and tablet the perfect entertainment gadget. You will never be bored with Moddroid Site and we are confident that you will never stop tinkering with your device. As a result, we consider Moddroid Site to be one of the top sites for modded apps.

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